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  • CLP-LE portable chloride ion content rapid tester
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  • CLP-LE portable chloride ion content rapid tester

    made in China

    Determination of water-soluble chloride ion content in sea sand and construction sand, concrete mixture, hard concrete, cement and soil powder, admixtures, water quality liquids, etc.

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Determination of water-soluble chloride ion content in sea sand and construction sand, concrete mixture, hard concrete, cement and soil powder, admixtures, water quality liquids, etc.

R & D background:
The problem of steel corrosion is one of the important factors that affect the long-term performance of reinforced concrete, and the content of chloride ions in concrete is a key indicator that determines whether the steel is corroded or not and the degree of corrosion. At present, most of the domestic rapid chloride ion content testers are crudely manufactured, and the accuracy and durability cannot be guaranteed, and the matching with domestic standards is lacking. To obtain the data, manual secondary calculations are required. Based on the current domestic situation, our company has developed and produced a new generation of CLP-LE portable rapid chloride ion content tester with reference to the chloride ion content tester of Denmark, the United States and South Korea in combination with the current domestic standards.
Application range:
Determination of water-soluble chloride ion content in sea sand and construction sand, concrete mixture, hard concrete, cement and soil powder, admixtures, water quality liquids, etc.
According to the standard:
"JTJ 270-98 Concrete Test Regulations for Water Transportation Engineering"
"Technical Regulations for the Detection of Chloride Ion Content in Concrete JGJ/T322-2013"
"Technical Specification for Concrete Testing and Testing of Water Transportation Engineering" JTST 236-2019
"Specification for Durability Design of Concrete Structure GB/T 50476-2008"
"Hydraulic Concrete Test Regulation SL352-2019"
"Hydraulic Concrete Test Regulation SL352-2006"
Imported high-precision chloride ion composite electrode without filling liquid;
High-precision probe temperature sensor;
5-inch full touch screen operation, aluminum alloy one-piece body, light weight, compact body, easy to carry, suitable for on-site or laboratory testing
Data storage, 500 pieces of measurement data can be stored;
The stored data can be sent to a personal computer via USB, or the result can be printed directly on site via a mini Bluetooth printer;
5000 mAh lithium battery power supply solution, the running time is not less than 12 hours;
The battery power icon prompts, the screen brightness can be adjusted, and the automatic shutdown setting can effectively save battery energy consumption;
One-key reset, automatically restore to factory default settings;
The built-in clock automatically marks the date when the data is stored;
Chinese and English language switch;
Directly read the ion concentration value, content percentage and sample potential, according to the built-in standard formula of the regulation, to avoid tedious conversion and calculation;
Project management: You can enter the project name, location, category, operator, time, etc., and automatically generate the project number, or you can customize it;
Test object: Built-in commonly used test objects and corresponding specifications, custom formula calculations;
Multiple test modes: mass volume mode, parameter mode, custom mode;
Average value of test results: one time, two times, three times optional;
Automatic or manual temperature compensation to ensure accurate measurement of the full range;
Curve calibration and viewing to determine the accuracy of calibration;
Number of calibration points: 2, 3, 4 points are optional;
Optional ion concentration unit and other units, including mol/L, %, mv;
Quick measurement or high-precision measurement, measurement status, stable result icon prompt;
Calibration and cleaning electrode reminder, reminding users to calibrate or clean the probe regularly;
Automatic result lock, keep stable readings, easy to browse and record;
Automatic electrode diagnosis, can check electrode potential;
Data management: can view, delete, print, and export excel data;
Technical specifications:
Ion concentration
Measuring range: 5×10-6~1M, 1.8~35500ppm
Measurement accuracy: ±0.5% F.S
Display resolution: 0.0001, 0.001, 0.01, 0.1
Number of calibration points: 2~4 points (0.0001, 0.001, 0.01, 0.1)
Measurement unit: mol/L, %, mv
Mass percentage
Measuring range:   0.0001%~30.00% (Clˉ)
Unit of measurement:  % (calculated by cement weight),% (accounting for gel material)
Accuracy:   ±5% of reading (Clˉ)
Measuring range:   ±1000mV
Measurement accuracy:   ±0.2mV
Display resolution:   0.01mV
Relative indication error:   0.01%
Measurement repeatability:   1.5%
Measuring range:   0~100°C
Measurement accuracy:   ±0.1°C
Display resolution:   0.1°C
General parameters
Operating temperature:   0~40°C
Temperature compensation range:   0~100°C, manual or automatic
Data lock: automatic end point lock
Test speed:   ≤30s or ≤2min (fast or high precision)
Calibration reminder:   included, can be turned off or on
Cleaning reminder:   included, can be turned off or on
Shutdown mode:   manual or automatic (automatic shutdown after 20 minutes without key operation)
One-key reset function:   included, restore to factory default settings
Data storage:   500
Communication output:   USB
Connector:   BNC, aviation plug
Display:   5-inch touch LCD display
Power type:   Lithium battery, 5000mAh
Battery life:   about 24 hours
Dimensions:   175(L)×80(W)×28(H)mm
Meter weight:   300g
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