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After-sales service policy​
1. Warranty Regulations
1.1 Service content
Service method: repair by the user or dealer.
For products within the warranty period purchased through legal channels of Beijing IST Technology Development Co., Ltd., under normal use, due to the failure of the product itself due to the quality of the product itself, IST Technology will be responsible for providing maintenance support services:
Product warranty:
The one-year warranty period starts from the date when the consumer purchases the product. If the product is found to have quality or performance problems within the relevant period, the product SN code or other certification documents can be issued to enjoy free warranty service.
Special Note:
The scope of this service is limited to the host and main accessories. Packaging, various connections, user manuals and other accessories are not within the scope of maintenance support services.
For other commitments made by the distributor to you that are not guaranteed by Anshitong Technology, Anshitong Technology does not assume any responsibility.
1.2 Software Service
IST Technology provides users with paid or free product software services during the product warranty period. Free software is upgraded free of charge, and non-free software is upgraded for a fee according to the manufacturer's upgrade.
1.3 Out of warranty instructions
If you have a demand for the product you purchase that exceeds this warranty policy, please negotiate with Anshitong Technology or an authorized distributor when purchasing the product to separately sign product extension and renewal services.
2.  Non-warranty regulations
The following situations (including but not limited to) are not within the scope of maintenance support services for this product:
2.1 Failure or damage to the product caused by installation, use, maintenance, and storage not in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual;
2.2 The warranty period has been exceeded;
2.3 Alter or delete the product barcode or serial number without authorization;
2.4 The product barcode or model number on the product warranty certificate does not match the product itself;
2.5 Disassembling and repairing by non-IST Technology and IST Technology authorized service agencies and their personnel;
2.6 Product failure caused by unauthorized modification of its inherent setting files or virus damage without the permission of Anshitong Technology;
2.7 Accidental factors or human actions cause product damage, such as improper input voltage, high temperature, water ingress, mechanical damage, breakage, severe oxidation or rust of the product, etc.;
2.8 Damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading on the way back to the customer for repair;
2.9 Product failure or damage caused by force majeure, such as earthquake, fire, lightning, etc.;
2.10 Other failures or damages that are not caused by the product's own design, technology, production, quality and other issues.
In case of the above situation, you should seek a solution from the relevant responsible party or choose our paid service.
Special Note:
IST Technology does not provide guarantees for customer data stored in its products or related to the product in other forms, and customers are responsible for backing up relevant data to prevent loss.
3. Disclaimer
3.1 Unless clearly stated in this clause, IST Technology does not provide any explicit or implicit warranty or guarantee: for the commerciality and applicability under special purposes, the guarantees and responsibilities arising from the process of transaction, application and commercial exchanges.
3.2 Under any circumstance, IST Technology will not be liable for any loss caused by damage to intangible property such as configuration or program, and for the loss caused by compensation by a third party.
4. Ownership of the right of interpretation
Beijing IST Technology Development Co., Ltd. has the final right to interpret this warranty policy. Without notifying the customer, IST Technology has the right to make necessary changes to all guarantee information, product performance and specifications.
After-sales maintenance process​

In order to solve the problem for you in the shortest time and save you unnecessary costs, please follow the procedure below for repairs:

The first step: contact IST after-sales customer service

Contact customer service or contact the dealer where you purchased the equipment for remote problem analysis and judgment, so that unnecessary repairs can be resolved on site, saving you time and costs;

Step 2: Mail the equipment for repair

After confirming that the equipment needs to be repaired, please contact the dealer and send it to the dealer. If you buy through our company, please contact Anshitong after-sales service to obtain the repair address and inform the courier number;

A repair order must be filled in for delivery         (click to download the electronic version) and attached to the equipment;

If the electronic version is inconvenient to handle, you can write the following key information on paper and attach it to the device: customer name, return address, serial number (SN number on the back of the fuselage), fault description;

The third step: equipment repair processing

The after-sales maintenance business will contact you after receiving the repaired product, and the in-warranty equipment will be repaired normally, and the out-of-warranty equipment will confirm the repair quotation with you, and the out-of-warranty equipment will start the normal maintenance process after the customer pays;

Step 4: Return after repair

After the repair is completed, we will mail the equipment to your address and call you the courier number. Please confirm that the equipment is in good condition after receiving the goods.