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New product release! A1040 MIRA 3D/Pro Ultrasonic Tomography Scanner

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Our company continues to develop in the direction of ultrasonic testing of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
In the "Product Center-Recommended Products" section of our website, there is information about the A1040 MIRA 3D Ultrasonic Tomography Scanner, manufactured by Acoustic Control Systems LLC and represented by Beijing IST Technology Development Co., Ltd. A1040 MIRA 3D is an innovative, compact and easy-to-use tomography scanner that can quickly construct 3D images of concrete internal structures.
The main feature of the A1040 MIRA 3D ultrasonic tomography scanner is an active transducer with dry point contact (A-STK® technology), which has an improved signal-to-noise ratio, as two or more A-STK® antenna units can be combined , And a comprehensive assessment of the internal structure of concrete due to the instant creation of 3D images of objects on portable mobile devices (Android).

For detailed information about the functions and features of the GP8100 portable concrete array radar, you can read the product content on the website or send an email to for more information!