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A1040 MIRA 3D
A1040 MIRA
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  • 21 2020-06

    Application of structural inspection of concrete box girder-A1040 MIRA ultrasonic tomography

    The A1040 MIRA ultrasonic tomographic imager can detect densely reinforced structures, especially the defect detection of the structure behind the steel mesh. Compared with radar, it has a great advantage, but it can detect the densely reinforced concrete areas and the structure is changed. The detection of cross-sections also has its limitations. The test range of the equipment is 80-120cm for reinforced concrete, and the test range is different according to the density of steel bars. However, for other detection methods, the equipment only needs one test surface and no coupling agent is requ......

  • 01 2020-01

    Application of A1040 MIRA in the inspection of prefabricated concrete structures

    A1040 MIRA Ultrasonic Tomography Imager is also called Array Ultrasonic Imager. This equipment has advantages that other detection methods can’t compare to the structure detection of assembled structures. It only needs one measuring surface to perform dry coupling test. Visualization of the internal structure, displaying the 3D image of the internal structure of the object and the various viewing angles of the structure and is not sensitive to steel bars, and excellent detection results can also be obtained for areas with dense steel bars

  • 20 2020-12

    New product release! A1040 MIRA 3D/Pro Ultrasonic Tomography Scanner

    Our company continues to develop in the direction of ultrasonic testing of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
    In the "Product Center-Recommended Products" section of our website, there is information about the A1040 MIRA 3D Ultrasonic Tomography Scanner, manufactured by Acoustic Control Systems LLC and represented by Beijing IST Technology Development Co., Ltd. A1040 MIRA 3D is an innovative, compact and easy-to-use tomography scanner that can quickly construct 3D images of concrete internal structures.

  • 01 2021-06

    Good news! New products listed! Proceq Ground Penetrating Radars GP8100

    GP8100:Highly productive portable concrete GPR array, enabling quick object detection and superior data collection:
    Large scan width, high scan rate, and best-in-class penetration depth.
    Fast detection of objects of any size with the superline scan view
    Dense, accurate GPR data collection in one superline scan

  • 01 2020-01

    Beijing IST Technology became the official marketing representative of Russian ACS company in China

    According to the agreement between Beijing IST Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Russian ACS Company, from January 1, 2020, Beijing IST Technology Development Co., Ltd. will become the agent of Russian ACS Company in mainland China, and it is the sales and marketing representative of ACS products in the Chinese territory. Fully responsible for technical support, marketing and after-sales service of products in China.

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